How to Organise a Memorable Wine Tasting Tour in Yarra Valley

Wine Tasting

Wine is becoming more critical as time goes on, and the way one tastes and discusses wine is continually evolving. Tasting rooms have become increasingly popular over the last decade, giving consumers a place to try different wines from many vineyards. 

For larger-scale events, vineyards are usually grouped, and it’s common for people to go from one to another together, tasting their way through the day. A sommelier should be prepared for a day of this kind of activity, so here are helpful pointers when planning a wine tasting tour in Yarra Valley:

Finalise a Venue

There’s nothing wrong with deciding to spend the day touring wineries on a whim, so long as you plan. First, pick a date at least a week away to give everyone else enough time to consider their schedules. Next, decide where you want to visit; the location you choose will determine how fun it is. 

If you live close to thriving wine production, there will be plenty of wineries to tour just in your backyard. If you like to travel and tour well-known regions, you may want to consider visiting famous wine regions worldwide.

Go on a Guided Wine Tasting Tour

Up-and-coming sommeliers would do well to join a guided tour instead of popping up unexpectedly at a vineyard. Nearly all of the best wine world regions provide area-wide tours focusing on the most prominent brands, which is an excellent, low-stress way to gain relevant wine knowledge. You may save some cash by taking guided tours because package deals are often available.

Explore Roads Less Traveled

Guided wine tasting tours offer a semblance of security and togetherness. Still, you can also plan a multi-winery day if you genuinely want to gain freedom and control in the wine-tasting experience! Decide in advance which wineries you wish to visit and, if possible, figure out how to get there. 

While easier said than done, countless online resources, such as scheduling apps for iPhone and Android, make this process convenient. With all of this information on your phone, you can coordinate with friends for quick meetups.

Remember This On-The-Day Checklist

Before you set out to taste wines with friends, you want to ensure that the group is prepared and well-organized. Bring notebooks and pens so you jot down and compare notes later.

Of course, it’s best if your friends also have a designated driver. Taking a guided tour is a fun and safe way to accomplish this. Today’s top tours feature “wine buses” that transport people from winery to winery, resulting in a fun day.

Remember that many wineries are located in areas rife with other entertainment opportunities, such as art museums, amusement parks, and local galleries. Try to take in any functional aspect of the community surrounding your winery; this is a great way to break up the tasting experience, as hitting too many wineries in a row without any respite can be taxing.

Oh, and one last thing: Don’t overdo it.

Take a Wine Tasting Tour in Yarra Valley

You should be ready to embark on a memorable wine tasting tour with all these tips in mind. Have a plan, but don’t be afraid to stray to roads unknown once in a while. You’ll never know what new varieties you might discover on your sommelier journey!

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